The Hunk

Seth usually tries to simplify his description based on his interests, but he is much more amazing than his interests of coffee, Jesus, reading, and, well, me.

My hunk has skills!  Growing up, he began competitively swimming at the age of six and swam for Case Western Reserve University.  He played violin from fourth grade through high school.  For our fifth anniversary, I gifted him a violin repair and he picked it right up.  Impressive!

The Hunk and I met on Christian Mingle in April of 2008.  As I was working to finish up my last year of graduate school at Northern Kentucky University and my second year of teaching at Scott High School, I suggested we wait until June to meet.  On June 6 Seth drove from Columbus, Ohio, to meet me.  You’ll have to ask about our first date; it was hilarious.

One year from our first date, he popped the question.  I’d love to share that story with you, too.

I admire this man so much.  He’s seriously a man of character; if you asked me in what area he needs to improve as far as character goes, I wouldn’t be able to come up with anything.  He’s honest, loving, generous, patient, and God-fearing.  The Bible says that true love keeps no record of wrong; this guy seriously has this mastered.  I never feel like he holds anything against me.  He is quick to forgive and showers me with snuggles, words of adoration, and quality time.

He is a pastor and a counselor.  He’s a blogger.  He’s my husband.