If you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers!  If you look through these questions and you still have more questions, well, give me a holler and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!

Do you offer digitals with your wedding packages?

Yes!  A resounding yes!  Almost all of my packages have digitals included.

I love digital images because I’m a social media nerd!  I’m also passionate about keeping memories close at hand.  I use an online delivery system that doubles as an online gallery so you can not only receive your digital images quickly, but you can send them to your friends and family, download them to share on social media, and even access with an app on your smartphone!  I love it!

Do you only shoot weddings?

My main focus is weddings, but I also love shooting couples, families, active little kiddos, and professional headshots for business.  I also offer photobooth services for events and wedding receptions!  If you’re interested in non-wedding photo sessions, contact me!

Do you offer a second shooter?

Some of my packages come with a second shooter included.  If you want to add a second shooter to any package (whether you’ve booked already or not), that’s totally doable!  Contact me to find out how!

How many pictures should I expect of my wedding day?

I love this question!  The big thing here is to keep in mind that your story isn’t like anyone else’s story.  Ever.  The hard, solid number is difficult to nail down because it really depends on how you use me on your wedding day.  If your day is full of lots of moving from location to location, there will be fewer chances to capture moments of your day.  If we are going hard and fast all day long, you’ll have more images to cherish.  If you add a second shooter to your package, even more pictures will be taken.  I am a memory hoarder so I try to give plenty of pictures of your day.  I also want to deliver the best, most beautiful images to you.  If you’re looking for an estimate, I’d say I can deliver anywhere from three hundred to eight hundred images for most weddings.

Yikes! Why does wedding photography cost so much?!

Man, oh man!  I’m with you, friend!  I wish everything could be free or just cheap.  But that is not your reality and it’s not mine.

One thing I do to keep costs down is to run a lean business.  I don’t take out loans or use credit cards so that I’m not paying interest to anyone.  I limit spending and only invest in quality, proven software, subscriptions, and gear.  I even rent gear that I don’t use often so that I’m not spending thousands on gear that sits in my office 80% of the time!  That said, Uncle Sam takes his cut, expenses are a given, and I have plenty of opportunities to be generous toward my clients with my time and resources when I set up my prices appropriately.  When you book me, you don’t just get digital images: you get someone truly invested in your success as a couple.

What are these photobooths of which you speak? Can I get one?

Photobooths are so much fun!  I host an open-air photobooth, which means that I set up a camera and monitor, an optional backdrop with proper lighting, and provide a special overnight upload service so your friends can see your pictures that next morning!  If you’re interested in a photobooth for your wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, or other fun event, contact me!

What packages do you offer?

My lowest wedding package starts at $1990 for basic coverage.  If you’re interested in finding out more, I’d love to talk to you about what you need out of a wedding photographer for your big day!  Contact me!

Generally speaking, family sessions, senior sessions, and other sessions run $350 and include digital images.