Kaylee |Class of 2014

A few weeks ago, I hung out with Kaylee and her mom to celebrate her seniorhood!

Friends, I am pleased to introduce to you, Kaylee:

Kaylee is planning to go to the University of Kentucky for nursing next fall.  Her parents are graduates of UK and her dad played football for the school while attending.  So, overall, these two are fans of God’s country, aka, Kentucky.  I felt right at home with these two.

We hung out in Lithopolis, Ohio, at the Wagnalls Library and Memorial for a few outfits before spending our favorite time around town.

Then, we meandered around, well, um, town.  Yeah, town.  We meandered around it.  We found some perfectly rustic locations.

Kaylee, I love your shoes.  And, in general, your taste in clothes.

No, really, can I borrow that scarf? And, by “borrow,” I totally mean that I intend to keep it.

You are stunning, young lady!

Kaylee, best wishes to you this year and in school! I loved hanging with you and your mom (shout-out to Missy!) and I am truly blessed to have met your family in general.

God bless, you classy lady!

Love forever,
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A New Year | 2013

I hate odd numbers.

Just thought you should know.  I mean, after my man proposed, he pointed to two dates on the calendar as suggestions.  I chose the one with all even numbers.  Seriously.  That’s why we got married on that day.

Anyway, that’s why I’m not so sure what to think about entering 2013.

And, since I’m a teacher, I do new year’s resolutions in August.  I’ll say something like, “This year, I’m going to contact parents more,” or “This year, I’m going to push my students more,” or even, “This year, going to spend less time around negative Nancies.”

And this is possibly one of the latest new year posts ever.  Partially because I had flu and strep simultaneously two weeks ago and took about 13 days to get back on my normal feet. But the tardiness of this post is, nonetheless, recognized.

*sigh* So, today’s post will have two parts.  Skip to the part you care about or read both:

2012: Year in Review
Devotion | A 2013 Change

2012: Year in Review

I feel entirely blessed by 2012.  Especially in my photography business.  Here are my favorite 12 images and moments from 2012–in no particular order:

1) Caught Brynn growing up a bit.  Ready for an even number? Two shots of Brynn:

2) This shot of Nina was the final snap of the day.  My fave!

3) Reunited and it feels so gooooooood!  I joined some friends I worked with in Kentucky for some pizza and gossip.  I love these two girls.  And Bob is pretty swell, too.

4) I love this image from Haleigh and Andrew’s engagement:

5) This girl and her Bible.  Beautimus!  I will totally miss her after she graduates this year.

6) These guys were a blast at Jon and Jess’ wedding.

7) This wedding was so sweet!  And the bride and groom’s guests had a bunch of sweet cars!

8) I was honored to grab Alyson and Corey’s engagement shots.  Even though I dropped my camera and, consequently, had a heart attack.  These two were a barrel of fun and I look forward to seeing God work in them and through them in the future.

9)I finally, finally, finally got to visit Japan!  It was so great to visit Jessica in her temporary home country.  I just realized that I haven’t blogged about this marvelous trip since I came back to the midwest without power for days before it got away from me.  Maybe I should do that…

10) My brother-in-law came home from Afghanistan and married his lovely wife.  So glad to see him so happily married.

11) The Hunk and I celebrated two years of marriage at Niagara Falls. He really is the most marvelous gift to me ever.  God knows me so well to have given me such a great husband for life!

12) I became an aunt to this cute face:

Professionally, I was able to grow a lot this year.  I upgraded my gear and continued to hone my editing skills.  One thing I really need: A really good workshop experience.  Maybe that will happen in 2013.


Devotion | A 2013 Change

Disclaimer: This is not a new year’s resolution.

But I do want to get some things realigned in my life.  I’ve shared this with people before as an experienced-based piece of advice: At every point of change in your life, you will have to figure out how to keep Bible-reading and prayer in your regular schedule.  It happened to me when I left for college: I had to fight to keep a Bible-reading schedule.  As is the case with many college freshmen who go to a Christian college, there was a lot of support to help me keep a schedule.  When I got to graduate school, some things changed in my life again.  I lost my college support system and eventually moved to a different church.  Again, I had lots of support–wonderful ladies who poured into me.  But I had a full time job and graduate school at the same time.  I eventually fought my way back to a semi-regular reading schedule.

Then I got married and moved.  Frankly, support looks entirely different here.  As a pastor’s wife, I am the support much of the time.  (Read: Totally okay with me, of course!) But it’s time for me to make these adjustments.  It’s time to figure it out and it’s time to get my reading and praying priority back where it has been in the past and where it should be.

Feel me?

The second thing I miss about my past: Blogging.  I mean a lot.  I used to blog all the time–not just about pictures or my boring exciting life.  I used to pour my heart out over scripture.  I miss that.

So, here’s my resolution goal for 2013: To write one devotional post a week.  Length is not a factor.  Structure is not a factor.  Scripture is a requirement, though.  Scripture and thought.  Some posts may be inspiring.  Other posts may be thought-provoking.  Others may be while I’m cooking dinner or in the mist of a crazy-busy week.

My husband asked if I was going to assign this to a specific day of the week.  I wish I could, but I’m staring down 52 of these posts and I have no idea what the year will bring.  This is simply a goal and a means to an end.

I’ll post these within this category: Devo52.  If you want to join me, use the hashtag #devo52 when you post your blog on Twitter.  That’s what I’ll do.

Sound like a plan?

With joy,


Clara | Class of 2013

Have you ever met a teenager who impressed the heck out of you?  I’ve met my fair share as a high school teacher.

Today’s graduating senior blows my socks off!

Let’s talk about the joy of our Lord oozing out despite more than one’s share of struggles.

Let’s talk about a teenage girl with so much self control that there are adults who should admire her.

Let’s talk about a sense of humor to go with that determined work ethic of hers.

Let’s talk about a teenage girl whose inner beauty outshines that of her peers.

No, seriously.

And, also, let’s talk about how beautiful that girl is on the outside.

Meet Clara.

Clara’s only weapon: her Sword.

Some edgy Bible-reading going on here.

You really are an inspiration to me and to those around you.  Stay strong by leaning on His Truth, no matter what other (read: wrong) versions of the truth you stumble upon.  One day, you’ll look back at all you’ve struggled through and realize just how strong Jesus has been making you–tougher than so many others.  Don’t give up.

Jeremiah 42.10,

Ben and Becca|Class of 2013

In case you missed it, I snapped some pics of Ben and Becca.  You may recognize them; they are [twin] siblings found in their sister’s wedding pictures.

We hung out at German Village for a bit and then traveled to a few different places on OSU’s campus.

First, let’s look at Ben’s pictures.




Congrats, Becca!  And congrats, Ben!  May your futures be so bright, you’ve gotta wear shades!

To new beginnings,

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