Christy | Brynn is Two! –Columbus Family Photography

I have no kids.  Well, aside from hundreds or thousands of teenagers who have grown to be adults since I began public school teaching.

Besides those: zero.

And it has been so cool to see Brynn grow into a little girl.

Columbus Family Photography

Seriously.  That’s not a baby.  This is a little girl we’re talking about people!  Watch her move and groove!

Seriously, you are awesome!

And classy!

And your parents are, like, the best.

You totally dig the swing right now.  So, yeah…

You are beautiful and smart.  Brynn for President!

I loved  having fun with you all!

Until next time,
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Columbus Family Photography

Bartha Bunch | Family of 3 –Columbus Family Photography

I have successfully finished more than a week of summer break without going to the pool.  Well, I wouldn’t call that a success, but I am pumped to have been able to dust off the old camera for my first summer Columbus family photography session!  Remember this doll?

She’s about to be a big sister!  So, we got together at their fave park, Inniswood, and snapped some pics of the family enjoying their last little bit as a family of three.

She sure is moving and grooving now!

I. Love. That. Hair.

Look familiar?


It should, you avid blog readers, you!:

I love this haphazard family portrait because it’s real:

Baby belly laughs are the best, aren’t they?

Barthas, I can’t wait to meet baby Whitney next month! :)

Happy growing,
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Barthas | Sneak Peek

Today, I hung with the Barthas for some photographs.  Mom’s almost a month away from being due to deliver baby girl number two!  Excited to see their family grow.

In the mean time, we got in a few image of this mover and shaker.  Isn’t she a doll?

More to come!

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Greg, Chelsea, AJ | Sneak Peek

My family had our delicious dinner last night.  #sostuffed

Today, I thought I’d toss up a quick sneak peek of a shoot I did yesterday afternoon.

Check out this cutie, AJ:

Greg and Chelsea-1

This is literally the first picture I took.  Chelsea, you have a cute little boy! I can’t wait to get the rest of your pictures edited!

Happy Thanksgiving,
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