Chris and Marissa | Engaged in Columbus

You guys!  I am in love with this engagement session!

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Chris and Marissa!

Chris and Marissa

Chris and Marissa met while attending Oasis Christian Community.  It only took them about a year to realize they were keen on one another.  I remember when they returned from a summer break and were suddenly smiling at each other with a little something extra in their eyes.  I spotted it right away and before we knew it, they were an item.

Chris and Marissa really couldn’t be more perfect for one another!  I can’t wait until their New Year’s Eve wedding!

Chris is a video production editor for ABC6 here in Columbus.  Marissa is in grad school for public health with a specialization in epidemiology at Ohio State.

First, we walked through campus to capture the two of them at some of their favorite spots.

OSU Engagement Pictures

When I was going through the images to process them, I couldn’t help but giggle; it looks like the squirrel is excited for Chris and Marissa. Teehehe!


I’m positive that I’ll never get tired of jumping pictures.

OSU Jumping Engagement Pictures

After our jaunt through campus, we went down town and shot at Millennial Park.

Millennial Park Engagement Pictures, Columbus, Ohio

After living in the city for five years, I had never seen the skyline from Millennial Park.  It was awesome!

As the sun was setting, we got back in the car and started to head out to dinner.  Then, we peeped the sky.  It was beautiful!  So, Chris pulled into the parking garage by the OSU hospital; we went all the way to the top and caught these epic images!  This.  People, this!

City Sunset Engagement Pictures

I love having friends who are up for a little adventure!  Chris and Marissa, to whom I lovingly refer as Machrissa, were up for anything!  It was great!

Chris and Marissa, I can’t wait until you are united as one before God, your families, and your friends.  It’s going to be great!

Columbus Wedding Photographer

Kourtney and Brett | Engaged

It’s been busier than ever over here at Rejoicing Rebecca Photography.  Between the engagement of my sister to her Stevie Baby and summer and fall weddings, and even a proposal, I’ve also had a few engagement sessions in there!

On my way back from visiting my Kentucky family at the end of September, I stopped at Ault Park in Cincinnati and snatched the engagement pictures of these two!

Friends and loved ones, may I introduce you to Brett and his adorably precious Kourtney!

Ault Park Engagement Session

Kourtney was one of my fabulous students when I taught at Scott High School in Taylor Mill, Kentucky.  That was before I married The Hunk and moved to Ohio.  So, Kourtney used to call me Miss Coyle.  And now she’s my client.  And who knows what she should call me?  Mrs. Evans? Rebecca?  This is an identity crisis on my part.  But, for the most part, former students from Kentucky who are social with me call me Rebecca.  What I need is a cool nickname.  Any ideas?

Anyway, Kourtney and Brett are getting married in May!

Unfortunately, two things were working against us: A high school homecoming dance and overcast skies.

Have no fear, friends!  I can still deliver.  Peep our fun time!

Kourney and Brett

Doesn’t Kourtney just make you smile?  She has some of the happiest eyes I’ve ever seen!  Of course, I’m partial to blue eyes, but Kourtney, I love how happy your blue eyes are!

Kourtney also owns and operates Kourtney’s Kookies.  I’m seriously hoping to get a taste of these delicious cookies if she makes her own wedding cookies.  (For Kourtney only: Please, oh, please!)

Ault Park Engagement session

Kourney, I’m so happy you’ve found your fabulous other half with whom you will serve Jesus. I can’t wait to capture your special day!  Happy planning!

Columbus Wedding Photography

Nikki and Brian | Engaged

You know that girl, right?  The one who always has a camera and wants to take pictures of everything to remember everything that has ever happened?

Well, sometimes I’m that girl.  But Nikki.  Nikki is my kindred spirit in this regard.

Well, at least according to Brian.

Lovely readers, meet Nikki and Brian, engaged:

Nikki and Brian Engaged

I met up with Nikki and Brian at the Sharon Woods park in Sharonville, Ohio–just north of Cincinnati earlier this month to be that girl who captures pictures of all the things so that we can remember everything that happened.

We had a blast.  Just ask Brian.

Speaking of Brian, I love how he just adores Nikki.  She’s clearly enamored of him.  We had a blast being goofy and silly.

Nikki and Brian Engaged

As we perused the park, we happened upon my dream location: a bridge that had been washed out and the brick support was all that remained.  To top if off, nature had taken over.  Yesssss!

It was a perfect fit for these two explorers, who love to go off the beaten path.  Nikki and Brian are avid hikers who plan to use their honeymoon getaway to hike.  Hike!  In South America!  What an amazing adventure!

Nikki and Brian Engaged

The highlight of the evening was Brian.  Seriously: What a guy!  Brian, I enjoyed meeting you.  You were a blast!

Nikki and Brian Engaged

It seems my favorite moments come after we think we’re finished shooting.  As we were walking back to our cars, talking about the epic day that will be their wedding, we came across this sweet opening in the trees.  The sky was fab-u-lous! Then, this:

Nikki and Brian Engaged


What an awesome time I had with you two!  I can’t wait to document the awesome day you two get married!  What an adventure!

Columbus Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Columbus Wedding Photographer

Newlyweds | Ray and Kim

Newlyweds! Newlyweds!  They’ve been married for only a tiny bit now.  They’re just newlyweds!

But I met up with Ray and Kim again at Glacier Ridge Metro Park for some quick newlywed pics.  I am so grateful for such awesome clients!  We didn’t meet for very long, but these two were troopers.  It was raining off and on.  It was also chili.  I bought a blanket hoping it would be cozier.  Well, the blanket was a bit thin, but, who needs a blanket when you’re a newlywed, anyway, right?

Ray and Kim Newlyweds


Thanks for the fun.  I can’t wait to show everyone the rest of the results of this shoot! *hint* *hint* ;)

I’m sure that you are now intrigued.  If you’ve been following, you may have a clue as to the announcement I’m about to make.

Seriously: I’m not pregnant.  Neither is she.



Columbus Wedding and Newlyweds Photographer

Emily & Jacob | Engaged in Dublin, Ohio

What a great summer it’s been! As I wind up my summer activities, I am happy to share with you Emily and Jacob’s engagement session! You’ve already met Emily and Jacob, as Jacob commissioned me to photograph his proposal to Emily. But, of course you remember that. Columbus Wedding and Portrait Photographer But, let’s get to know these two a little bit more. I love their story. These two love birds began dating during their senior year of high school. Next spring, they will both graduate from college. Emily studies architecture at Ball State University.  Jacob studies natural resource management at Ohio State University.  Emily’s dream is to bring historic life back to classic homes but to also make them practical for modern-day living.  Jacob loves trees.  And plants.  And pretty much wants to do anything he can to preserve them.  (Well, he cuts them down, sometimes, but that’s a different story…)

Side Story: During our engagement session, Jacob and Emily wanted to go into the woods.  When I asked about poison ivy, he said it was everywhere.  I pretty much get poison ivy by looking at it, but Jacob was a true hero; he pointed out all of the death weed as we walked and gave me a path to follow so as not to brush up against the skin murderers.  His endeavors were a success, as I didn’t get a lick of the rash. Thanks, Jacob!

My husband coaches Jacob and other leaders of Oasis Christian Community on OSU’s campus. So, we met Emily through Jacob. Columbus Wedding and Portrait Photographer Here’s the best part: Emily brought Jacob to Christ while they were on Facetime. Seriously. I love this story because it means I get to tell about salvation! Columbus Wedding and Portrait Photographer We started our engagement session at Thaddeus Kosciuzko Park in Dublin, Ohio.  Their alma mater is just next door–Dublin Scioto High School. Then, we had a quick outfit change and relocated to Glacier Ridge Metro Park in Plain City, Ohio. Columbus Wedding and Portrait Photographer These two are crazy about each other. And I’m crazy about them. Columbus Wedding and Portrait Photographer I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next July! Columbus Wedding and Portrait Photographer Emily and Jacob, enjoy this year of engagement; use it to learn about each other and prepare for an awesome foundation in marriage.

Love and prayers,
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Columbus Wedding Portrait Photographer