Brynn Isabelle | Six months later

Tonight, I have, for your viewing pleasure, Brynn Isabelle at six months old.  If you’ve been following or stalking long enough, you saw her as a newborn.  Well, folks, she has only gotten cuter and I could hardly stand the cuteness in my frame.  Check out her cutie face.

When we started, she was hammin’ it up for the camera. I couldn’t get enough!

Not camera shy!

See that blurred light in the background? It’s called “bokeh,” and I love it!

What an awesome little family!

I loved it when she reached for the camera. (Yeah, I have a good grip…)


We played with some Christmas lights a little. Even babies like shiny objects.

What a precious, precious little lady.

Brynn, I hope I get to see you grow up into the beautiful young woman I know you will be!

Your friend,



Sneak Peek | Baby Adelaide

So, this blog has been kinda quiet the last couple of months.  But, babies are being born like crazy.  You know what that means!  I’m working on a couple of sessions right now.  Until I finish, check out this precious one: Adelaide.

Why are you pointing that big ol’ lens at me!?

Love that face!

More to come!


Brynn Isabelle|An introduction

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Brynn Isabelle:

Brynn is the precious newborn of a colleague/friend of mine.

She’s new and perfect and wonderful.

She hates having shirts put over her head, is soothed by her swing and tries to suck on the outside of her hand.

She is her parents’ first baby–word still out on if there will be more.

But doesn’t this family look precious?  Maybe Brynn will be a big sister one day.  After Mom gets over the frequent feeding and other new joys of motherhood.

But, seriously, folks: This is one precious duo!

Mom and Dad seem pleased as punch!  Are you kidding me with this eye contact?

Welcome to the world, Brynn Isabelle.  I look forward to seeing you grow up with such fabulous parents!