I’m looking for [insert service or product or experience] at a reasonable price.

Raise your hand if you’ve seen or written something along these lines somewhere in your life.  *raises hand* We mean well.  We don’t want to waste money. As Christians, it’s wise to carefully spend our money–stewardship, we call it.  I’ve noticed a huge movement toward getting out of debt.  Have you? I’m definitely a part of this movement.  The Hunk and I are making progress despite what can feel like continual setbacks.  So, I’m in this boat: I want to save money.  Gosh, wasting money drives me mad.  Dang, the car needs a thousand dollar repair? Ugh. Wait, that repair did nothing to solve the situation? What the heck!?  Yes, I’ve experienced this.

But I want us Christians to check our hearts when we ask for a “reasonably priced” service or product or experience.

Think about it.  What does “reasonably priced” even mean?  I don’t recall anyone ever saying, “I’m looking for a [service or product or experience] where I can blow my money wastefully. Anyone know where I can find that?”

I guess what I’m asking here is this: Is it necessary to say “reasonably priced”? Or could we start to make it simple: “Our air conditioner just went out.  Anyone have any HVAC recommendations?” “We’re looking to remodel our kitchen. Anyone know someone who could do this for us?”

Not only should we do this in order to avoid stating the obvious–that we’re looking to save money–we should do this in order to respect the providers of services, products, and experiences.

Raise your hand if you have ever needed to earn money. *raises hand*

I suspect I’m not alone.

Now, I’m not saying we should go about our lives hiring and buying overpriced junk, hiring beginners at the price of the experienced, and overpaying for vacations. That’s simply an unwise way to steward our finances. Obviously.  Be diligent in finding ways to make the funds God generously provides go as far as possible.  But don’t shortchange the custom gown designer you seek for your special occasion. Let’s avoid skimping on the tip line when we’re at a restaurant.  We should stop expecting the HVAC servicer to be so cheap that he can’t feed his family at home.

We should look at our budget and find ways we’re wasting our money and put a stop to it.  And, man oh man, am I speaking to myself right now, too.  Don’t waste money. Spend money.  And respect others’ needs to support their families.

Matthew 7.12: Therefore, whatever you want others to do for you, do also the same for them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.