I almost died.I’m going out on a limb here.  I don’t know how to confirm this, but I’m willing to bet that most of us haven’t had a near-death experience.  I’m not talking “that almost-car-wreck could have ended my life,” or “that nearly scared the livin’ daylights out of me” moments. I’m talking about those times when you can legitimately say, “I almost died.” Like, medically speaking, you almost died.

But I have.

For the sake of my own privacy, I’m going to spare you the details of my near-death experience.  I almost died.  But suffice it to say this: 1) I have legitimate, undeniable proof that I do not cuss.  2) It’s good to know that I turn to Jesus when my actual life is in danger. 3) That was the most pain I could ever imagine experiencing in my life.

Sorry if that’s not enough information for ya.  But really, #sorrynotsorry.

But there aren’t words that quite explain how a person’s life changes after this happens.  It’s true.  Sometimes people make immediate drastic changes to their own lives.  I’ve heard of this happening after someone survives a massive heart attack. They change their diet, their jobs, their stress management techniques.

Here’s my thing, though: I want to spend my life instead of letting life spend me.  Spend my life watching my kiddo grow up.  Spend my life getting old with The Hunk.  Spend my time working to be spiritually healthy.  Spend my energy making healthy physical choices.  Spend some time creating pretty things. Spend dinner time eating foods I won’t regret. Spending time making memories and capturing them.

And that means I don’t want to pour my life out wastefully.  I don’t want to waste my energy on things that aren’t building up something: like working with people who are selfish or abusive, or arguing about something with a stranger, or allowing someone to speak into my life if they are toxic.

My mom always said we’re not promised tomorrow.  It’s a scary thought, but it’s a terrifying reality.

So, now I’m on a mission: Honor the Lord, love my little family, practice gratitude, and be kind to myself.

Will you join me? How are you living a life on a mission?