The Five Love Languages: Why you should read it.

I enjoy a variety of love stories–movies, television, literature.  In college, I actually wrote about this in my Spanish class.  I said, en Espanol, that I love the various interpretations and lessons that romantic stories provide.  It’s still true today, as I watch Anna and the King while compiling this blog post.

The longer I love, the more I realize the complexity of love.  Love is far more complex than anything I’ve seen in movies and television.  I often fail at loving others successfully, and for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes my failure is due to my selfishness.  Other times I am nursing a wound, protecting a scar, tired, or even lazy.

One of the greatest revelations in my life I learned from this book.  Here’s why you should read it, too.

The Five Love Languages: Why?

In any relationship–whether romantic, familial, professional, or friendly–it is always helpful to understand one another in order to love one another best.  This book discusses the five main ways people love and receive love: The five love languages.

Spoiler alert: Here are the love languages:

  1. Acts of service
  2. Words of affirmation
  3. Physical touch
  4. Gift-giving
  5. Quality time

One major reason to read the book is to better understand these love languages–to understand what they mean, what the look like, and how to interpret the actions–and inactions–of others.  You might understand better how your spouse/loved one is loving you and why you may occasionally feel unloved even though your beloved claims to love you in return.  You will also learn some great ways to love others and why your efforts may be falling on deaf ears.

Consider this: If you were speaking to someone in English, but they only understood Mandarin Chinese, you wouldn’t be understood, would you?  The same is the case when it comes to love.  What’s great is that The Five Love Languages tells how we can learn to speak one another’s language and, therefore, foster a relationship that is more loving.

I encourage you to read the book, where you’ll find a quiz to help you decide what your love language is.  If you’re like me, you’ll start wondering what the love language is of those around you.