One of the most important things you can do for your marriage is to read about marriage.  Find resources which help you strengthen your marriage. The Hunk and I try to read at least one really good marriage book a year.  Sometimes it’s an audiobook and we’re on an 8-hour trip and I can’t take it anymore because I’m so totally not an auditory learner unless you’re Melinda Morgan or Barbara Mann.

I digress.

For today’s Monday memo, I’d like to recommend a book for you and your spouse to read together.  Now, I won’t always say that you should read books together, but I think this book is special in this way.  This book is a 28-day journey for the two of you to commit to.  A short 28 days and you and your spouse can become closer, healthier, and more intimate.  Seriously.

The Argument-Free Marriage

The Argument-Free Marriage

Don’t let the title of the book freak you out.  There’s a difference between an argument-free marriage and a conflict-free marriage.  Arguments don’t have to happen, but conflict must happen in a marriage.

So many husbands and wives think that stresful arguments–complete with yelling, name-calling, or the quiet treatment–are a normal fact of life.  That doesn’t have to be the case.  Author Fawn Weaver, founder of The Happy Wive’s Club, contends that, if you commit to the journey and both of you commit to take the book’s concepts to heart, you, too, can have an argument-free marriage and, as she says, have more time for cuddling.  I’m game for more cuddling every day and twice on Sundays!

I highly recommend this book.  Even if you don’t have an argument-ridden marriage, read it.  From either end of the spectrum and anywhere in between, Fawn’s research and stories really help us understand some of the ways we can eliminate arguments and go into problem-solving mode no matter what our personalities are.  You can grab it on Amazon.

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