It’s been busier than ever over here at Rejoicing Rebecca Photography.  Between the engagement of my sister to her Stevie Baby and summer and fall weddings, and even a proposal, I’ve also had a few engagement sessions in there!

On my way back from visiting my Kentucky family at the end of September, I stopped at Ault Park in Cincinnati and snatched the engagement pictures of these two!

Friends and loved ones, may I introduce you to Brett and his adorably precious Kourtney!

Ault Park Engagement Session

Kourtney was one of my fabulous students when I taught at Scott High School in Taylor Mill, Kentucky.  That was before I married The Hunk and moved to Ohio.  So, Kourtney used to call me Miss Coyle.  And now she’s my client.  And who knows what she should call me?  Mrs. Evans? Rebecca?  This is an identity crisis on my part.  But, for the most part, former students from Kentucky who are social with me call me Rebecca.  What I need is a cool nickname.  Any ideas?

Anyway, Kourtney and Brett are getting married in May!

Unfortunately, two things were working against us: A high school homecoming dance and overcast skies.

Have no fear, friends!  I can still deliver.  Peep our fun time!

Kourney and Brett

Doesn’t Kourtney just make you smile?  She has some of the happiest eyes I’ve ever seen!  Of course, I’m partial to blue eyes, but Kourtney, I love how happy your blue eyes are!

Kourtney also owns and operates Kourtney’s Kookies.  I’m seriously hoping to get a taste of these delicious cookies if she makes her own wedding cookies.  (For Kourtney only: Please, oh, please!)

Ault Park Engagement session

Kourney, I’m so happy you’ve found your fabulous other half with whom you will serve Jesus. I can’t wait to capture your special day!  Happy planning!

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