It all started with a Facebook message.  Michael sent me a message on August 3, 2015.  I wasn’t expecting what I’d read: He was planning on proposing to his girlfriend!  What!?

I know Michael from when The Hunk and I were pastoring on campus.  He is seriously a great guy.  Michael is friendly, gentle, and loves Jesus.  He graduated from OSU with a mechanical engineering degree and works in Cincinnati.

He gave two possible dates: September 19 or 26.

From there, we started putting together plans.  Most importantly, I wanted to be sure that we could make plans without Lizzy seeing anything pop up on his phone.  So we switched from Facebook messaging to email and used the subject line: Turbo Conference Updates.  This subject line, he said, would be of no interest to Lizzy.

I love keeping other people’s secrets!  I love helping people plan surprises, so this was so exciting to me!

This surprise was going to be easy for me to capture because I had never met Lizzy.

One think to keep in mind when you’re doing what I do–capturing moments: Plans are just plans.  They pretty much always change–sometimes for the good and other times not.  Keep that in mind as I proceed.

So, first, Michael and Lizzy sat down and Michael gave Lizzy a gift.
Michael Proposed at Drees Pavilion

Michael had made Lizzy a book of pictures of the both of them.  The Hunk and I were standing off to the side with my camera.

And, with no warning, the people at the pavilion decided it was time to clear off the gazebo.  So, we all got up and moved to the grassy hill.

One thing Michael didn’t tell me was that the book was really long.

Photo album proposal

It’s a good thing Michael had told me that Lizzy was expecting a proposal at some point; he was totally cool with me being invasive with my camera.  She knew what as up as soon as the book was opened.

I peeped Michael opening his bag to get the ring out of his bag.

Engagement ring hidden in camera bag

Of course, Michael proposed.  And from my vantage point, I could hear Michael ask Lizzy, “Will you marry me?”

Propose at Drees Pavilion, overlooking Cincinnati

And Lizzy said, “Yes!”

Emily and Jacob_0031

And sweet Michael said, “Thank you.”

Isn’t that sweet?

Congrats, Michael and Lizzy!  I am so honored to have captured your special moment.  And, Lizzy, it was so great to meet you!  You are so cute and I look forward to seeing you again soon!  Enjoy planning your big day!

Michael and Lizzy

Photo album proposal

Photo Album Proposal

Columbus Wedding Photography

Michael proposed.  Are you planning a proposal? If you’re looking for coverage of your special proposal, shoot me an email!