I. Can’t. Even.  Seriously, y’all.  I can’t even handle the seriously sweet wedding of Jacob and Emily.

Like, how can I even use mere words to express anything about the day?  These two.  I just couldn’t hold back the sweet tears when editing their pictures.  It. Was. Beautiful.

I love Jacob and Emily.

When I write one-word sentences, you know I mean business.  But when I toss out a “y’all,” well, that’s just insanity.

You might remember Jacob and Emily’s sweet proposal and fun engagement pictures.  Well, ever since those pictures, I’ve been getting to know these two so much more and they are two of the sweetest and cutest people you’ll ever meet.  I’m honored to tell the story of their day, today.

All week long–and for weeks leading up to the week of their wedding–we prayed that it wouldn’t rain on her wedding day.  And, thank the Lord Almighty, there wasn’t a speck of rain the whole day.

On the other hand, this is the temperature in the shade.

90 degrees in the shade

That’s right. 90 degrees in the shade.  The high for the day was about 96 degrees and it was to hit right about ceremony time.  Whew!

But there couldn’t be a more perfect scene for this day’s celebration of Christ’s love: Jorgensen Farm.

Jorgensen Farms

Jacob and Emily created the most beautiful decor for the day.  The decor really spoke of who they are and what they love.  Jacob created these beautiful wooden disks for the bunt cakes and carved their awesome hashtag into a log.  Jacob, in case you forgot, loves trees.  The theme was pulled together with the centerpieces, comprised of hay bales, apples, and a canning jar.  Check out the delicious cupcakes by Nothing Bunt Cakes!  Yum to the max!

Jorgensen Farms

I love when couples send each other gifts and letters on the big day.  Jacob proclaimed, “She outdid me!” when he opened his gift: a journal she’d kept since he proposed and a Bible with his name on it.  Emily, however, was giddy when she read his sweet letter and opened the ukulele he’d bought her.

Jacob and Emily gifts

I loved the look on Emily’s face when she was finally in her dress.  This girl is so classy.  I mentioned to the two of them that I don’t know how Emily so wonderfully pulled off cute and sexy.  Jacob said he wonders the same thing all the time.


Jacob paid such close attention to detail when rolling up his sleeves.  Emily, you’ve got yourself a hunk, right here!


And check out the best buds!  You might recognize someone if you follow my blog. Ray was a groom in one of my weddings in 2014; Chris is a groom coming up this winter!

Bridal Party

Tied for first is my favorite part of the day. Jacob and Emily had a no-look prayer before the ceremony.  I loved this moment; just a piece of wood separated the two of them.  They talked, held hands, and prayed.

Jacob and Emily Pray

This was a first for me and I want every bride to do it from now on!  Emily had a first look with her dad.  It was a presh moment and I held back the tears.  She did a little spin for him to take in all the beauty of his daughter, the bride.  Father/daughter moments get me every time!

Bride and father

My favorite moment of any wedding without a first look is when the groom sees his bride for the first time.  Jacob and Emily did not disappoint.

Jacob and Emily Ceremony

The ceremony was beautiful.  The day was beautiful.  I love capturing the shenanigans that the bride and groom can’t possibly know are happening, like the ring bearer, who ran through the aisle at lightning speed, being entertained by family because a wedding was just not his cup of tea.

Also, I love these flowers; Jorgensen Farm also provided the flowers for this beautiful day.

During the ceremony, Emily’s brother spoke while the two of them braided the cord of three strands.  Jacob tied a knot at the end.  The three strands represent Christ, the bride, and the groom and the braiding of them represent the extent to which the bride and groom will keep Christ at the center of their marriage and the strength of a three-strand cord, which is not easily broken, according to Ecclesiastes 4.12.

Jacob and Emily Married

On the real: I cannot even handle the look on Jacob’s face when he was told he could now kiss his bride.  Emily says he sighed with relief before going in for the first kiss as man and wife.  Presh.

Jacob and Emily first kiss

And, BAM!  They are married!  I mean, they seemed a little excited:

Jacob and Emily Happy

I mean, what’s a Rejoicing Rebecca wedding without a jumping picture?  On one pic, I had to zoom in with Jacob and Emily–Jacob is rockin’ the toe-touch!

Jacob and Emily Jump

The first thing Jacob learned as a new husband was how to dip kiss his new wife.  My hunky husband gave him a free lesson:

Jacob and Emily dip kiss lesson

I’d say he got the hang of that pretty quickly, wouldn’t you?

Jacob and Emily dip kiss

Love these two.

Jacob and Emily in love

Hats off to the best man, Jacob’s brother Lucas, for a sterling speech!  “Jacob, you’re [insert all these awesome attributes]… wait, I can’t read your handwriting!”  Classic!  And I love the sweet cake-cutting moment.

Jacob and Emily reception

Jacob and Emily danced their first dance to a song I hadn’t heard, but I’ve listened to and cried to it about 24,204 times since: Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore.

Jacob and Emily dance

And Emily rocked the flourish at the end of the dance with her dad.

Emily and Jacob_0020

Jacob’s mother passed when Jacob was still in college; actually, I met Emily at the visitation and knew she was awesome right away.  So, this next moment is the tear-jerkingest moment I’ve ever had as a photographer at a wedding.  First, he started dancing with his grandmother, then other women from his family took turns interrupting and dancing with him.   Emily’s mother was the last to join.  Talk about tears.  I wasn’t the only one.  That was a sweet surprise, Emily!

Jacob first dance

We had some fun with the guys here.  Don’t mind Kim; she’s just a normal, every-day photobomber.

Photobomber at wedding

As the evening wound down, we took some time after the end of the reception to do a little of my favorite thing: light painting.  We took a short walk from the barn reception and nailed this shot on the second try.  Love. It.  Seriously.

Emily and Jacob_0022

This day wouldn’t have been possible without this man for a couple of reasons: He’s the officiant and my biggest supporter!   Love this hunk and his getup.

The Hunk

He is always helping me practice lighting setups.

Epic Punch

Also, without him, I wouldn’t be able to photobomb my own pictures:

Photographer Photobomb

Jacob and Emily, I can’t wait to watch you continue to grow in your marriage and I’m so glad we’ve become such good friends!  I’m truly honored that you would trust me to remember your day for you. I treasure your trust.  Congrats on your holy union!

Love in Christ,

Columbus Wedding Photography