You know that girl, right?  The one who always has a camera and wants to take pictures of everything to remember everything that has ever happened?

Well, sometimes I’m that girl.  But Nikki.  Nikki is my kindred spirit in this regard.

Well, at least according to Brian.

Lovely readers, meet Nikki and Brian, engaged:

Nikki and Brian Engaged

I met up with Nikki and Brian at the Sharon Woods park in Sharonville, Ohio–just north of Cincinnati earlier this month to be that girl who captures pictures of all the things so that we can remember everything that happened.

We had a blast.  Just ask Brian.

Speaking of Brian, I love how he just adores Nikki.  She’s clearly enamored of him.  We had a blast being goofy and silly.

Nikki and Brian Engaged

As we perused the park, we happened upon my dream location: a bridge that had been washed out and the brick support was all that remained.  To top if off, nature had taken over.  Yesssss!

It was a perfect fit for these two explorers, who love to go off the beaten path.  Nikki and Brian are avid hikers who plan to use their honeymoon getaway to hike.  Hike!  In South America!  What an amazing adventure!

Nikki and Brian Engaged

The highlight of the evening was Brian.  Seriously: What a guy!  Brian, I enjoyed meeting you.  You were a blast!

Nikki and Brian Engaged

It seems my favorite moments come after we think we’re finished shooting.  As we were walking back to our cars, talking about the epic day that will be their wedding, we came across this sweet opening in the trees.  The sky was fab-u-lous! Then, this:

Nikki and Brian Engaged


What an awesome time I had with you two!  I can’t wait to document the awesome day you two get married!  What an adventure!

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