Newlyweds! Newlyweds!  They’ve been married for only a tiny bit now.  They’re just newlyweds!

But I met up with Ray and Kim again at Glacier Ridge Metro Park for some quick newlywed pics.  I am so grateful for such awesome clients!  We didn’t meet for very long, but these two were troopers.  It was raining off and on.  It was also chili.  I bought a blanket hoping it would be cozier.  Well, the blanket was a bit thin, but, who needs a blanket when you’re a newlywed, anyway, right?

Ray and Kim Newlyweds


Thanks for the fun.  I can’t wait to show everyone the rest of the results of this shoot! *hint* *hint* ;)

I’m sure that you are now intrigued.  If you’ve been following, you may have a clue as to the announcement I’m about to make.

Seriously: I’m not pregnant.  Neither is she.



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