I am so excited to be involved in the capturing of this proposal!  Here are the deets on my first ever proposal photography session!

On May 11, 2014, I met Jacob, a friend and co-laborer of ours, at an undisclosed location.  The purpose? To practice his proposal!  Emily, of course, had no clue this was about to happen.

So, on May 18, 2014, my husband and I traveled for the exciting event–at Red Trabue Nature Preserve in Dublin, Ohio. My husband was an awesome helper.

We placed his message in the bottle on the bench by the location he’d planned to propose.

The evening was beautiful.

We waited for Jacob’s red VW to drive down this entryway.

It seemed to take forever.

And then they arrived.  He walked down the path, just as we planned.  When they got to the stone bench, Jacob had to encourage Emily to read the letter.

She was confused for a while.  But, from our vantage point, she seemed to figure out what was about to happen.  And then, the magic started!

She said yes!

And the people rejoiced!

Then we popped out of the bushes to capture the celebration!

And, of course, the ROCK! Dang, girl!  Gorgeous!

Jacob designed the ring.  The main stone was his mother’s.  What an honor, Emily!

Jacob and Emily are high school sweethearts.  They often go to the lake for family trips and Jacob once joked that he’d propose under a cottonwood tree there.

Long story short: They couldn’t be there soon enough!  Jacob couldn’t wait until another trip to the lake.

So, he made this, which is what Emily read before realizing he was about to pop the question.

Love it!

Jacob and Emily, congrats!  I can’t wait to capture your love more in the coming years.  May God bless your union and the process thereof!  We are so excited for you!

Thanks to my wonderful husband for capturing video!

Happy loving,
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