Tonight, I have, for your viewing pleasure, Brynn Isabelle at six months old.  If you’ve been following or stalking long enough, you saw her as a newborn.  Well, folks, she has only gotten cuter and I could hardly stand the cuteness in my frame.  Check out her cutie face.

When we started, she was hammin’ it up for the camera. I couldn’t get enough!

Not camera shy!

See that blurred light in the background? It’s called “bokeh,” and I love it!

What an awesome little family!

I loved it when she reached for the camera. (Yeah, I have a good grip…)


We played with some Christmas lights a little. Even babies like shiny objects.

What a precious, precious little lady.

Brynn, I hope I get to see you grow up into the beautiful young woman I know you will be!

Your friend,