Hold on to your pants, folks!

Seriously.  I’ve never seen such a beautiful day.  And add to that beautiful day the beautiful start of Rachel and Justin’s marriage. Mind-blowing!

The groomsmen and bridesmaids were delivered by these bad boys:

So, first, let’s talk about the rockin’-personal and precious ceremony.

The bride was glowing.

I love how the best man needed a peek!

Okay, seriously: This. Is. Precious. My favorite moment of the day!

Love it!

After a short ceremony, they walked away married. And, of course, elated.

These two are all about the smooches!

We caught these bits of fun before heading over to the reception.

I love Justin’s eyes in this one.

They arrived at the reception–you guessed it–in the beastly trucks.

Her college friends are stunned and shocked at Rachel’s beauty.  I love these pics!

Okay, now.  Wait for it.  The bride and groom’s friends have suh-weet rides.

The bride was pumped to have a silhouette shot.  Lovely.

Rachel and Justin, have a blessed life together.  I pray God will bless you and others through your marriage.

Check out a few more pictures here.


Student at Wright State University, studying Psychology

Shop Manager at family business [RC Enterprises]

Ceremony location:
Springfield, Ohio

Reception location:
New Carlisle, Ohio

Bride’s most memorable moment:
“Our vows. Just looking into his eyes and seeing how much he was excited and really loved me.”

Groom’s most memorable moment:
Seeing her get out of the truck and walk toward me. “

Justin, as described by Rachel:
“My wonderful-awesome-loving best friend forever.”

Rachel, as described by Justin:
“Best friend and love of my life. “

Rachel’s advice to future brides:
“Don’t stress out, it will all fall into place how it is supposed to. Chill out and enjoy the ride.”

Justin’s advice to future grooms:
“Have good friends and a good support system around you before the wedding to de-stress you.  And don’t eat yellow snow.”