A photography friend asked me to help her photograph an engagement session and wedding.  Blog friends, meet Haleigh and Andrew.

Haleigh and Andrew are getting hitched in September.

We met on Sunday at the Antrim Park in Worthington, Ohio to celebrate their promises to wed.  I caught these sweet images.

This was one of the only requests the couple had: a jumping picture.  What a fabulously fun picture!

The two are athletes.  They bike frequently.  We took a trip with the bikes down the bike trail at the park.  Some of the cyclists didn’t like that we were taking pictures.  Well, we managed to squeeze in a shot between the speeding cyclists.

This was a pretty sweet nook under an overpass.  Andrew was surprised I didn’t need flash for this image. What can I say? I’m skilled! The lighting was perfect!

Bicycle lovin’.

Ever driven north on Ohio 315?  This is that funky bridge on the right past the Bethel Road exit.  Very cool.

I love snuggle pictures.  Andrew, you do a great job snuggling your woman.

I’m looking forward to September, you two!  Have fun planning!

To see these and a few more of their shots, click here.