Last year, I met up with my dear friends who I worked with in Kentucky.  Shannon, Laura, and Soula.  Last week, when on spring break [remember that lovely week I’ve referenced before?], they were on spring break, as well.  We met up at Shannon’s house.

Shannon and Bob, our host/hostess.

As is now tradition, we planned to make pizza and dessert and chat.  So, we made a list:

And then we returned, made dough, and created pizza.

Then we baked the pizzas!  Here are two of them [Soula’s and mine]:

Then we enjoyed the pizzas!  Yum to the max!

And then we made desserts.  Soula is the Pinterest Dessert Queen!

It was a grand time.  I look forward to yearly reunions for years to come!  Love you ladies [and, well, Bob, you’re pretty great too]!

Will these spring break posts ever end?